Safety & Security


Israel is a dynamic, thriving country that welcomes millions of visitors every year. The people who live in Israel come from a wide range of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, however most live in harmony with each other as they raise their families, work at their jobs, undertake their studies, enjoy their recreation, and indeed, live their lives. The reality of life in Israel is often very far removed from the news-worthy stories that are reported in the world's media.

The safety, security, and well being of participants are the primary concerns of Isram Israel. In order to maintain high levels of safety and security for participants on our programs we follow standards set by the Israeli government security agencies.
Israel has a rich and diverse culture that offers the visitor outstanding insights into this unique part of the world. Participants who wish to travel independently during free time are encouraged to do so but we recommend that you check with staff on your program before you travel to get advice about the best places to visit and how to remain safe and secure.

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