Added Value Activities

Added Value Activities

Isram Israel programs are not simply powerful tourist trips or pilgrimages to the holy land; rather, they offer the potential for participants to undergo a transformative experience which will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Hiking the land

All too often, pilgrims find themselves riding where Jesus walked, riding from site to site. Isram Israel programs enable pilgrims to walk the land, whether they are strolling or hiking. People of all ages are encouraged to experience the land through their feet and not just from the window of a bus.

Experiencing the desert both during the day and at night

The Judean Desert is a wondrous, fascinating place. During the day one can visit the oasis at Ein Gedi, visit Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found, tour the Herodian fortress at Masada, ride camels and float in the Dead Sea. At night, the desert is an entirely different place, encouraging spirituality.

Participating in a social action project

Participants on Isram Israel programs have the opportunity make a difference while they are in Israel by helping Israel’s needy, harvesting fruit and vegetables, preparing meals, tutoring English.

Church Group

Day 1 - Arrival Afternoon: Arrive at Tel Aviv airport and meet, Israeli tour guide Drive north to hotel in Galilee Check in to guest house Evening: Dinner at guest house Review itinerar...