About Us

ISRAM ISRAEL is one of the largest and most established companies for incoming tourism to Israel. 

Commitment to quality

Our ongoing dedication to quality, meticulously blended with unique destination knowledge and expertise deliver the best services and products to you.

Buying power & competitive prices

Our volume and exceptional buying power enable us to offer competitive prices and help you get maximum value for your money.

Planning & creativity

Our staff of experienced tour guides, tour operators and educators specialize in creating imaginative tailor-made programs to match your interests and your budget. 
ISRAM ISRAEL promotes travel to Israel from the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Russia, and other countries in Europe and South America. The foundation of ISRAM ISRAEL’s success is a deep commitment to quality, value and service.
We provide comprehensive tourist services to groups, travel agents, organizations, business travelers, families, and individuals.
We contract all the major suppliers in Israel on a year-round basis, obtaining room allocations, preferred rates, and the best terms and conditions for our clients.


Isram Israel’s dynamic management team in Tel Aviv is responsible for year-round contracts with all the Israeli major suppliers, working throughout the year and obtaining preferential hotel rates, large room allotments, the newest buses and most professional guides and more. We are in constant search for new properties, new sites, improved quality, better prices and the best possible service.

Operational Departments

ISRAM ISRAEL offers 24-hour instant quotes, detailed program planning and availability information for hotels, guides and buses. You enjoy active and professional input based on our experts’ deep understanding of what the country has to offer visitors, be they pilgrims or tourists.

FIT DEPARTMENT - Individual Travel 
ISRAM ISRAEL serves hundreds of travel agents worldwide, who book online and offline hotel accommodation, transfers, and tours. ISRAM ISRAEL provides instant confirmations, a fully-computerized voucher and invoice system, and ONLINE service availability in various languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish). Our dedicated reservations staff gives our clients a friendly and familiar atmosphere to work in, with a personal touch. 

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